14 Jun, 2019 In the Press

Bike Week 2019

This week (8-16th June) is National Bike Week! At GWR we encourage our volunteers and staff to cycle as it’s good for the environment and good for your health!



Last year we were recognised with a Cycle Friendly Employer Award after building a new bike shed, with the help of Cycling Scotland and the Glasgow Eco Trust, and providing drying and repair facilities for our cyclists. We took part in the ‘Around the World’ Cycle Challenge again this May – with the collective GWR team cycling over 7600km (2500km more than we managed last year) and one team member coming third overall!

We asked our team for feedback about cycling to work, the May Cycle Challenge and how they would encourage others to start cycling.


“I cycle into work 5 days a week usually. It’s quicker, easier and better for the environment than taking the bus. Obviously it’s cheaper and I enjoy the exercise and the speed!

We took part in the May Cycle Challenge. I got really into it with longer rides at the weekend and after work. It was great seeing how many miles I was doing.

It would be good if the cycle path network was extended. That would make Glasgow a much safer city to cycle in.”

Katie, Product Design



“I cycle every day! I love cycling – it’s the most efficient way of transport and I love the freedom.

It keeps you fit, saves you money, makes you happy and connects you with like minded people.

Unfortunately you can’t do much about the rain in Glasgow!”

Marketa, Workshop Volunteer


“Unfortunately I missed out a bit on the Cycle Challenge as my bike was broken. But I did use the NextBikes when I could. The NextBikes are a good idea. They are good value for money – much cheaper than public transport – and are quite handy for some short journeys that aren’t well served by public transport, such as the Southside to the East End.

I think should expand the route to make it more accessible across the city though. For example, the nearest point to Glasgow Wood Recycling is Partick Train Station which is a 30 minute walk. If there was a closer point I would probably use them everyday.

There have been some improvements over the last few years but I think having more dedicated cycle lanes in Glasgow would also make it safer & more appealing to people.”

Seamus, Social Media and Website



“I cycle to work 5 times a week. I enjoy it – it keeps me fit, it’s free and it doesn’t hurt the planet. It gives me freedom to explore and ‘me’ time. I arrive ready to start the day – I’ve done my planning on the way in and then I do my debrief on the way home.

I enjoyed the Cycling Challenge. I cycled a lot more than last year and came 3rd overall – which was great!”

Eileen, Development Worker


“I cycle to work 2 to 3 times a week. It’s faster than the bus, I get exercise and I like the adrenaline. I always cycled in when I lived in Copenhagen, where I found it very relaxing and therapeutic. It’s not so relaxing on the Glasgow roads! They should definitely improve and expand the cycle lanes in to make it more appealing.

The May Cycle Challenge was great – it motivated me to fix my bike, to get active and get competitive.”

Elizabeth, Retail


Want to get into cycling?

Get some tips on cycling to work and information on training from the Sustrans website.

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