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Care for our planet

We're committed to ensuring that as much timber as possible is reused before being downcycled into kindling or sending it to landfill. By getting as much of this reclaimed timber as possible back into our community for DIY or garden projects, we're helping to reduce the environmental impacts associated with felling, processing and transporting raw wood. And by reusing timber that’s already here we can reduce the need to import from sources which may be contributing to deforestation, a major driver of climate change.

Once in landfill, rotting wood creates methane, one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. Each tonne of wood in landfill creates the equivalent of 800kg of CO2 in methane emissions. We divert as much timber as we can away from general waste streams, and we don’t send any of what we collect to landfill.
 benbecula outdoor bench

Create Sustainable Living Solutions

As well as re-housing timber for reuse to businesses and individuals in our community, the Glasgow Wood team up-cycles reclaimed wood into more complex pieces of indoor and outdoor furniture, accessories and even much bigger structures, rather than always down-cycling into raw materials like kindling.

Our team and community are always finding beautiful and ingenious ways to turn all kinds of waste wood into quality furniture and products. Through purchasing from us you're beginning to lead a more environmentally sustainable and conscious life.
 workshop volunteer and staff

Provide New Opportunities

One of Glasgow Wood's core goals is to create positive and beneficial training & volunteer opportunities to individuals within our community who need it most.

We're helping to tackle unemployment and social exclusion through empowering people to learn new skills which they can take into future employment. We aim to instil resilience and confidence into everyone who comes through our workshop.
 Possil Concrete Garden

Strengthen Our Community

A huge amount of our projects are community based, which help to create spaces to grow, socialise and enjoy time together with people in our locality.

We also recognise the community our that social networks have begun to build and also be part of. Many people begin by purchasing timber from us for one-off creations, but over time they often turn into small businesses which we do everything possible to promote and connect to like-minded customers. By supporting this local network of businesses and individuals, we're not only boosting our local economy, we're also helping to create connections between people and help improve the wellbeing of our community.

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Meet The Team

Cameron, Managing Director

 Danielle Fletcher

Danielle, Financial & Commercial Manager

Kris, Operations Manager

 John Kingston

JK, Workshop Supervisor

Janet, Development Worker, Volunteer Co-ordinator

 Peter Lavelle

Peter, Founder, Business Development Director

Lucy, Design & Communications

Iona, Office/retail supervisor

Wullie, Retail & Workshop Assistant


Alex, Retail Assistant


Ricky, Collections & Deliveries

David, Collections & Deliveries


Adam, Woodworker

Kyle, Workshop Assistant

Tom, Woodworker

Dylan, Workshop Assistant

David, Woodworker

John, Woodworker

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