Complaints Policy & Procedure

Glasgow Wood is committed to providing a quality service for its customers and working in an open and accountable way that builds the trust and respect of everyone involved. One of the ways in which we can continue to improve our service is by listening and responding to the views of our customers and in particular by responding positively to complaints, and by putting mistakes right.


1.  Aims of the policy

1.1. To ensure that any complaints about Glasgow Wood, its work, or its staff are dealt with correctly and swiftly.

1.2. To ensure that any problems highlighted by complaints are dealt with promptly.

1.3. To ensure that people working with Glasgow Wood receive the best service possible.

1.4. To provide Glasgow Wood with a record of any problems that has happened in the past.


2.  Application of the policy

2.1. Receive and classify

All complaints about Glasgow Wood, its work or its staff, should be made by calling 0141 237 8566 or emailed to  The complaint should be made as soon as possible so we can act swiftly and effectively.  If it is not possible to resolve the matter at this point and you wish to pursue the issue, a formal complaint will be recorded by a member of staff and forwarded to management.  All complaints, informal and formal, should be recorded in a complaints form and filed into the complaints folder.

2.2. Acknowledge

On receipt of a formal complaint the manager should reply within 3 days acknowledging receipt of the complaint and giving a time span in which the complaint will be dealt with, the length of which will depend on the nature of the complaint, but will usually be 7 days.

2.3. Investigate

Follow up all aspects of the complaint, both internal and external, to ensure that the key facts are identified and clarified.  For more serious complaints the manager may refer to the Board of Trustees so they can look into the complaint and suggest solutions.  On occasions where the complaint is about an employee, the employee should be made aware of their rights to give their version of events.

2.4. Resolve and confirm

The manager should then record the plan of action for dealing with the complaint in the complaints folder, which should be kept on file for a period of 3 years.  Any problems highlighted with products or service should be addressed immediately to prevent further complaints being made.

2.5. Respond to customer

Once the manager or board has come to a decision about the action to be taken they should send a reply to the complainant and act on the decision made.

2.6. Follow up

Ensure that complaints are followed up to confirm that customers are satisfied with the response given.  If the complainant is not satisfied with the action taken, it will be at the discretion of the Chief Executive to decide if further action is required.

2.7. Q & A and close

Ensure that the organisation as a whole is aware of complaints and any underlying issues. Plan actions to remove these and prevent future recurrence.

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