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Our cladding is made completely from reclaimed scaffold boards, measured and cut to size to fit your specific space. We are able to provide our cladding to you in panels (with ply) or as individual boards, sanded and/or finished as you wish. Please note this calculator provides an estimate only, if cladding is something you’re interested in please make an enquiry below.


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For help on how to use this calculator see ‘Calculator Explainer’ in FULL DETAIL below.


Individual board dimensions:
100mm (width/height)
16mm (depth)
1200mm (maximum shippable length)


Finish & Colour Disclaimer
Our cladding comes as standard with a raw finish.
Please allow for variances in colour, grain, stamps and paint marks.
See below for more information and a full gallery of images.


Please note delivery costs vary widely. See below for more product and delivery information.

Image shows a living room with cladding feature wall.
This cladding was supplied as individual boards, fitted by Rowan Home Improvements.
See below for more information.

excl. delivery

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What does ‘ORDER OR ENQUIRY’ mean?
This is for us to know whether to immediately generate an order or simply contact you. If you’d like to order, you’ll receive a quote via email to accept or decline.

Image shows a living room with cladding feature wall.
This cladding was supplied as individual boards, fitted by Rowan Home Improvements.
See below for more information.

The reclaimed scaffold board wall cladding we produce suits a whole range of spaces and environments. With years of heavy use along with being exposed to the elements the boards end up with a weather beaten surface which add unique character to any environment.

It’s the perfect way of adding a little bit of rustic style to your bedroom, living room, dining room or workspace, or even in bringing a lease of life to shop fronts, bars and restaurants. Wherever our cladding is fitted you can guarantee it will create a completely different character every time.

Made from reclaimed timber, this is a great solution for anyone looking to reach environmental goals or become more sustainable.


Calculator Explainer

Sanded: YES means quite simply that your boards will be sanded smooth to remove any rough or uneven surfaces. NO means the boards will be cut to size and left with all of their original paint marks etc.

Finished: YES means that your boards will be given a coat of Osmo Polyx oil for indoor use (with your choice of clear, light, medium or dark), or Osmo UV protection oil for outdoor use. NO means that you’d like to receive your boards raw. Please note that in order to receive a finish you must also select YES for sanded. We cannot apply a finish on un-sanded boards.

Ply: YES indicates you’d like your cladding to prepared as panels, NO indicates that your cladding will be delivered as individual separate boards. The image above of the private interior is an example of cladding with no ply.


Product Specifications

Traditional scaffold boards are up 37mm deep and 220mm wide, meaning they’re too heavy and difficult to fit to a wall. That’s why we cut our scaffold boards down to 16mm deep and 100mm wide which means they reduce the risk of causing strain on the wall and also make the fitting much easier. The narrow width also allows even more character to be showcased on the wall.

Please note that our cladding is sold as individual boards as standard, and is shipped on 1.2m pallets ready for you to assemble. If cladding panels are something you’re looking for, please complete the contact form and we can discuss your options.


Colour Disclaimer

Colour, grain, knotting, scarring, lettering and the odd paint mark are all natural characteristics of our reclaimed board products due to the nature of wood. As a result, every item will appear slightly different. If you require matching items, we’d recommend ordering together and specifying what you’d like to ensure as close a match as possible.

Everyone’s screens are different which also affects the finish colours you see. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but we cannot guarantee the colour you see accurately portrays what your final purchase may look like.

If there are specific characteristics you’d like your cladding to have, please provide these details in the contact form.


Photo gallery credits (below)

  1. Bread Meats Bread, St Vincent Street
  2. Barclays Glasgow Campus
  3. Barclays Glasgow Campus
  4. Barclays Glasgow Campus
  5. Chivas Regal Reception area
  6. Private customer home interior, boards supplied individually and fitted by Rowan Home Improvements
  7. Private customer home interior
  8. Cladding and fencing panels with Osmo finishes

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