Chivas Regal

Chivas initially approached Glasgow Wood in 2018 after hearing of the work we do with reclaimed whisky barrels. They commissioned us to completely revamp their reception area to make it a more appealing place to display the Chivas brand to visiting clients. 

Our design team were tasked with completely reimagining the space to reflect the Chivas Regal brand. This included design choices on flooring, lighting, and colour scheme.  

We used reclaimed oak from whisky barrels wherever possible as a circular design choice. This material comes with a few challenge for example the curved shape and rustic finish. We have used whisky barrel staves to clad the walls. The lamp shades are made from half barrels. There is an Adirondack Chair and Stool, both made from staves, showcased in the space. 


See below for the full renovation.

The final design, with it’s use of reclaimed wood, is a circular solution – and the use of tartan upholstery, whisky barrels and a laser etched wooden map of Scotland reflects the heritage of the Chivas Brand. The final design reflects the colours of the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old branding with it’s distinctive red and gold label. The transformation of the room was something that delighted the Chivas Regal team.   


“GWR have been great to work with. I’m delighted with how the room’s turned out – I wouldn’t have been able to design anything like that by myself!”

Graeme Mitchell, Chivas

Photos taken before our installation

Photos taken after our installation

After overcoming the design challenges of using of reclaimed oak from whisky barrels in the wall cladding, we are now developing this as a new product which you can learn more about by taking a look at RE-CASK.

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