30 Nov, 2021 In the Press

Glasgow Wood’s COP26 contributions

Throughout COP26, coverage of the climate conference had to be kept private for security reasons. Now that the conference is over, we’re very excited to finally share our contribution.


In several spaces within the Green Zone and conference areas, many of you probably saw trees and plants dotted around on the press and TV coverage. But did you ever consider what they were planted in and who’d made them? It was us!


Below is a photo of one of several of our bespoke planter boxes in the hallways within the Green Zone. And if you watched carefully on television, you will have seen many being used to divide spaces within the conference rooms.

We also provided timber to Oxfam Scotland for a demonstration they held in Glasgow City Centre!


For lending this timber to them, they even kindly made a donation to us. We’d like to thank Oxfam for this, and they can guarantee this money will be going to our volunteer fund to help support our amazing volunteers.

We’re very proud to have contributed to one of the most important climate conferences in history. We just hope that positive things come from the discussions, and that we begin to see improvements in the status of the climate crisis.


Remember that by purchasing product and timber from us, you’re helping to prevent huge quantities of valuable timber from heading to landfill. And at the same time you’re also helping people in our community who might be unemployed and/or experiencing social isolation.

So if you’re in need of sustainable solutions for your outdoor plants look no further than our raised beds, which can also be made bespoke using our raised bed planter calculator. By purchasing from us, you’re helping to do your bit in improving the health of our people and planet.

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