Volunteer Stories

My name is Liam Taggart and I'm a volunteer at Glasgow Wood.

I first came to Glasgow Wood when I managed to get a place on a 6-week training course. The course was designed to help people who were feeling isolated for certain reasons. I really enjoyed the course and decided I would like to volunteer.


Volunteering has taught me new skills. During my time I have worked on CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings, woodwork, painting and staining. Using CAD I produced drawings for outdoor and indoor furniture. For example, there was an Adirondack chair, which I drew and designed using CAD. I’m very proud of that actually, because it was a real challenge. On the woodwork side of things, I have made some things myself – but also worked together with other people on bigger projects.

I enjoy all the aspects of working at Glasgow Wood. It’s given me a new interest. I feel like I can contribute to the work here, whether it’s by doing CAD drawings, or the woodwork tasks assigned to me. I have learned to use power tools that I have never used before and various different woodwork techniques.



Working at Glasgow Wood has also given me more confidence. My deafness can cause communication problems at times – so it’s been nice to meet new people here. My being here gives people an awareness of deafness and I appreciate the efforts people make to communicate with me. Some have learned a bit of sign language which is nice. I hope that the skills, experience and confidence I’ve developed here at Glasgow Wood will eventually help me find employment.

Designs on Growth

These volunteer interviews were conducted as part of ‘Designs on Growth’ – our in-house design project funded by the Scottish Government and European Union. Volunteers are at the heart of what Glasgow Wood Recycling does – so we wanted to update our print and digital marketing materials with new volunteer stories!

The Social Economy Growth Fund gave backing to 22 charity groups and community organisations across the country – with our social enterprise receiving a grant of over £100,000 to support our progression and create three new posts.

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