1 Jul, 2022 Impact Reporting

Wood Recycling Statistics for Q2 of 2022

From April to June of this year, we’ve been able to reuse and recycle approximately 710 cubic meters of timber from our wood collections.

That’s equal to the volume of an additional 276 whisky barrels worth of timber more than Q1 (1,420 barrels in total!).

The Breakdown

49% (348.5 cubic meters) high-grade reuse

+99.7 cubic meters on Q1 figures of 2022

This includes wood which is used to build our products (predominantly from reclaimed scaffold boards), and also makes up some of the reclaimed timber which you’ll find on sale in the Bay F timber yard.


51% (361.5 cubic meters) recycled

+48 cubic meters on Q1 figures of 2022

This is made up of leftover timber which we cannot make use of. This wood is chipped and made into MDF, chipboard or wood pellets.


0% low-grade reuse

This is timber which is reused as firewood or kindling. Whilst we’ve not exactly had the warmest Spring/Summer so far, we’ve definitely not had demand or need to produce kindling over the last quarter!

What does this mean?


From April to June, we’ve reused and recycled enough wood to fill the volume of more than 1/4 of a hot air balloon or 68 Glasgow Wood Van loads. This means 5 more van loads and an extra 44 cubic meters on top of Q1‘s statistics.


This is based on the size of an average four-person hot air balloon estimated to be 2,200 cubic meters, and the Glasgow Wood van is capable of holding approximately 9 cubic meters.

In the last 6 months, this means…


1,683.5 cubic meters have been reused and recycled in total, equalling 142 van loads or three quarters the volume of a hot air balloon. You can see from April to June collections picked up!


63 van loads were made in Q1, but a massive 79 were made in Q2. This is likely to be in part due to David joining the team to help us take on more than one collection per day. 19 days during Q2 saw 2 collections per day.

So where does this wood come from?


As one of our many facets, Glasgow Wood operates a waste wood collections service to people, businesses and organisations in the Glasgow area. This service follows the model of Community Wood Recycling, a network we are proud to be a member of.

If you’d like to learn more about this service please take a look at our digital brochure for more information.

View and/or download here.

And stay tuned as we share more of our wood recycling statistics with you.

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