4 May, 2016 Lifestyle & Inspiration

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Raised Beds

Growing your own vegetables and plants can be a daunting task when the conditions around you are not optimal. Raised beds provide many advantages, making gardening and growing your own plants, fruit and vegetables easy and enjoyable.

1 – You can choose the shape, size and location of your bed

Raised beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Whether you are getting started with a small planter for your balcony or a large raised bed for a vegetable patch in your garden, you can choose a design to fit the particular needs of your plants and your outdoor space.  They can be moved around and placed wherever you please – for example in an area where they will get as much sun as possible or will be sheltered from strong winds.

 Raised bed planters made with recycled wood made to fit garden

2 – Use raised beds to get the ideal soil mixture

Raised beds are a great alternative when the soil in the ground is not the right type for your crops, or is simply not suitable for growing anything at all. All you have to do is fill the raised bed with compost and topsoil or the mixture that will best fit your plants, vegetables or fruit.

3 – Easy access

There is nothing worse than having to bend down repeatedly when tending to your crops. This can have a negative impact on your back and knees and ultimately stops you from trying to grow anything at all. Raised beds are much healthier in this regard and provide a bend-free alternative to gardening which will leave your knees and back pain free! They are also easily accessible and do not require treading on the soil, which means that the soil will not end up compacted by your steps.

 Children & adults planting flowers in a raised bed made with recycled wood

4 – Protection from pests and low temperatures

Raised beds offer better protection from pests and hostile weather conditions than traditional vegetable patches. If an early winter threatens and you fear all your hard work might go to waste, you can extend the cropping season by covering your crops with a net or fleece to keep them protected. Netting or chicken wire can also be used to deter birds and larger animals such as cats, pigeons, foxes and deer from ruining your plants.

 Raised beds made with reclaimed wood

5 – Great way to recycle

Finally, by making your raised bed from recycled materials, you are contributing to a common sense solution to re-use this natural, useful resource.

 Raw reclaimed Scaffold Board stacks

Choose a standard sized raised bed from our online shop, or alternatively take a look at our Raised Bed Calculator to find something which fits your specification precisely.

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