3 Oct, 2018 Projects & Initiatives

Designs on Growth receives funding from Naturesave Trust

Over the past year or two, we’ve been planning our new Designs on Growth project which has received significant funding from the Scottish Government and European Union. This project is intended to help us grow sustainably, allowing us to offer more support to those who may need it.


Volunteer working on a bench


Designs on Growth will consist of developing new, innovative products that will increase community and customer awareness and will benefit the community we are part of. A small team within Glasgow Wood Recycling will be fully focusing on these aims and objectives and will explore new materials, collaborations and industries to achieve our goals.

Glasgow Wood Recycling has a huge task in upgrading its IT for the organisation as a whole but also our new project. The Naturesave Trust has been a great help towards our IT costs by funding us with £1000.  We used this to purchase refurbished computers and have them installed, wired with internet and updated with the correct software. Having received funding from The Nature Save Trust saved the team a lot of work in trying to install the computers themselves. The professional installation of the computers also means the team has the most up to date software and can rely on their computers during this project. With a more efficient I.T system, we are confident we can help more people and divert even more wood waste from landfill.

Find more information about the Naturesave Trust here.

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