6 Aug, 2018 Projects & Initiatives

Designs on Growth

Glasgow Wood Recycling’s continued efforts to tackle social exclusion and promote sustainability have been boosted by the announcement of significant funding from the Scottish Government and European Union.

The Social Economy Growth Fund is backing 22 charity groups and community organisations across the country in the latest round of funding and our very own social enterprise is to receive a grant of over £100,000 to support our progression.

By enabling us to develop our current range of products and contributing towards the research and promotion of exciting future items, this money will create new opportunities for growth within the company.


“We are delighted to be awarded this grant from the Scottish Government and EU funds. We are also very excited by the potential to make a real difference, both in terms of growing our organisation and offering a wide range of creative opportunities for all those involved in the new project.”

Peter Lavelle, CEO of Glasgow Wood Recycling


Providing work opportunities and maintaining a commitment to our volunteers remains our key goal here at GWR, however, this funding will also allow us to expand our range of handcrafted indoor and outdoor furniture.

The profits made from selling our fantastic products, all expertly made from reclaimed timber at our workshop on South Street, go straight back into the organisation to support our volunteers and the wonderful work they do. By developing new and exciting items as well as bespoke pieces, our customers can continue to rely on us for quality wood products as well as play their own part in supporting their local community and challenging social stigmas.


“The Social Economy Growth Fund enables organisations to design and deliver community-led solutions to overcome poverty, disadvantage and inequalities – which is a key principle of our Fairer Scotland Action Plan. This is about regenerating and empowering communities so they can become more resilient and find the answers to tackling inequality for long-term benefit. To help achieve this we are encouraging councils and third sector partners to develop local strategies that advance the social enterprise sector in every part of Scotland.”

Aileen Campbell, communities secretary


The funding is part of a £4 million pledge by the European Social Fund and Scottish Government for projects throughout the country to address poverty and support local action.

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