Volunteer Stories

My name is Francis James Carrigan and I've been volunteering at Glasgow Wood Recycling since 2010.

I first started at Glasgow Wood Recycling after a friend told me about it: where it was, what was involved – and it sounded like something I really wanted to do.

Volunteer Role

I’m in the machine shop most of the time. Making sure people wear the PPE; gloves, specs, ear muffs; because if you don’t there could be an accident. If anyone hurts themselves, I help them out and report it to the supervisors. Health & Safety has got to be the main priority in the workshop.

I like that job because it means I’m helping out everyone in the workshop. Because at the end of the day it’s part and parcel of being a team member.



My dad used to say; if you achieve something in your workplace, the next year after that you’ve got to try to achieve even more. You’ve got to try to drive yourself forward. If you don’t have any standards in life dove would you be? If it wasn’t for GWR, I think half of us would be sitting in the house watching telly every single day!



Coming in every morning… it brightens up my day. Getting a bit of rapport with everybody and just enjoying working. It’s like any normal day. You just come and look forward to seeing everyone. A wee bit of banter, a laugh and a wee cup of tea – “How was your weekend?” – and everything else.

The only thing I see here is smiley faces – instead of unhappy faces & negative talk.

Designs on Growth

These volunteer interviews were conducted as part of Designs on Growth – our in-house design project funded by the Scottish Government and European Union. Volunteers are at the heart of what Glasgow Wood Recycling does – so we wanted to update our print and digital marketing materials with new volunteer stories!

The Social Economy Growth Fund gave backing to 22 charity groups and community organisations across the country – with our social enterprise receiving a grant of over £100,000 to support our progression and create three new posts.

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