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Community Creations: Kath’s Flooring Restoration and our Wood Collections service explained

As part of the work we do here at Glasgow Wood, collecting and redistributing waste wood through our wood collections service is a big part of our daily operations.


Waste timber comes into our South Street workshop and timber yard via two main streams: collections made from businesses and building sites and donations made directly to us from small businesses and individuals in the Glasgow area.

Floor boards is not something we often receive, so when this batch of maple tongue in groove floor boards arrived in through a donation, it was a match made in heaven for Kath and her new studio space. As you can see from the photos, they needed some serious work, but it was something Kath was very excited to spend some time on.

Telling us how she came upon Glasgow Wood, Kath said:

“I was looking to floor my studio (home office) that I have had built in my garden. I didn’t want to buy shop bought flooring as I’ve always liked wooden floors, I have them all throughout my house. A neighbour had recommended Glasgow Wood for scaffolding boards for shelving, so we popped in to take a look. I asked on the off chance about flooring, and was advised that they had a pub floor. I bought 12 square metres on the spot.”

Describing the process, you can tell Kath will always look at her studio flooring fondly:

“I spent at least 5 or 6 weekends sanding and cleaning out the tongue and groove. My husband then laid this and I varnished it twice with a  polyurethane. My husband then trimmed some boards to make the skirting. The floor is my favourite part of the studio. I love it.”

Learn more about our Wood Collections service and see what types of timber are available in our timber yard.

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